Clean Card

The Clean Card system has resolved the problem: about automatic cleaning of the Card clothings which even today in many Workshops is done manually bearing all the subsequent inconveniences.
The automatic equipment Clean Card, specially designed for the cleaning of clothings of Card and Carding Sets, permits:

1 ) to effect the cleaning of the machines reducing in this way the idle times which one would normally have from the manual cleaning, obtaining in this way a slight saving of man power;
2) improved working conditions of the persons responsible for the production lines as they are no longer forced to remove the heavy working I stripping cylinders;
3) a longer duration of the clothings as – during the cleaning with Clean Card – these never come in contact with metal objects;
4) a better quality of the finished product as the cleaning with Clean Card is carried out at regular intervals therefore the carding power of the clothings is constant and of best conditions;
5) increase of hourly production as the clothings are always constantly efficient and the speed can therefore be increased;
6) re-use of all the suctioned wastes which are taken to special container.