Company Profile


The Textile Machinery CO.ME.TA, operating in the mechanotextile sector, is particularly specialized in the manufacturing of machines for the regeneration and the recovery of the fibres.

We also produce complete taring plants, beginning from the cut up to the baling, and complete spinning preparation systems. Consultation, planning and realisation of textile lines and plants.

The Textile Machinery CO.ME.TA manufactures following machines:

  • Various kinds of cutters with different working widths
  • Openers
  • Beaters and mixers
  • Volumetric hopper feeders
  • "Clean Card" plants (for the automatic cleaning of the clothings installed on card and carding sets)
  • Condensers for the conveyance of the material
  • Rag and waste tearing machines
  • Baling presses
  • Bales cutters
  • Machines for Paper Mills

By another firm, our Partner, we can also offer second hand machines of every kind.